Aggrieved Verastar customers make news in the media

 Verastar Ltd / Verastaruk which includes Unicom, Kinex, Clear Business, Clear Business Water, Universal Debt Collection etc have made the news many times in the media

February 24 2020

Verastar / Clear Business Water get another mention in Radio 4's You & Yours consumer programme when they are named as being in the top 3 WORST water providers.

Clear Business Water is part of the Verastar Ltd Verastaruk group which includes Unicom, Kinex, Woav, Insurance Octopus / Media etc etc

The piece starts at 31 minutes into the programme



Friday 17th January 2020

Anyone thinking about using Unicom or any brand under the Verastar Ltd group for telephone, Internet or utilities should first listen to today’s You & Yours consumer programme on Radio 4.

The Unicom Verastar piece starts 22:30 minutes into the programme





17 October 2019

Run a Small Business or SME?  You might want to listen to this - Adrian Goldberg Investigates small business broadband and utilities provider Verastar, which runs Kinex, Unicom, ClearBusiness and other brands.




 “Business owner raging over £4k water bill for premises he can't access”

“But Kinex, a trading name of Verastar Ltd, just won’t back down. I’m fed up explaining this.”

Published in  the Daily Record 24 March 2019

Water company set debt collectors on Glasgow firm over mystery drainage bills

Advertising boss Roy McCallum was stunned when Clear Business began billing him for the drainage of his company’s car
23 July 2018    (The Unicom piece is the lead story)  


A retired businesswoman is battling a £10,000 bill for a mobile phone she barely uses.

Rachel Howkins, 70, was hit by the enormous charge after provider Unicom claimed she had used more than 17 gigabytes of data


6 September 2017  

Unicom / Kinex / Woav / Clear Business / Verastar Ltd are mentioned in Private Eye in issue 1452 on page 7


July 8 2017 - SKY NEWS - 

A provider of telecoms and utility services to small businesses is dusting off plans for a £500m stock market listing two years after it was fined by regulators for misleading its customers.

Sky News has learnt that the owner of Verastar - which was previously called Unicom - has lined up investment bankers at Jefferies to take the company public.


Utilities firm Verastar revives £500m float after Ofcom fine.
11 January 2016    (The Unicom piece starts at around 15 minutes)
30 July 2015   (The Unicom item starts at around 36.40 minutes)  
29 July 2015    (The Unicom item starts at around 5:05 minutes)  
11 May 2015   (The Unicom item starts at around 22:10 minutes)  
28 November 2014   (The Unicom item starts at around 2 minutes and is the lead item)  
19 November 2014    (The Unicom item starts at around 18 minutes)  
6 August 2014     (The Unicom item starts at around 2:20 minutes and is the lead item)   
4 June 2014     (The Unicom item starts at around 6.30 minutes)     (The Unicom item starts at around 6.30 minutes)   
14 April 2014       (The Unicom item starts at around 40 minutes)

BBC TV Rip-Off Britain report about Unicom First Aired 1st October 2014

  Rip-off Britain  (The Unicom item starts at around 32 minutes)  First aired 1st October 2014  Rip-off Britain  (The Unicom item starts at around 32 minutes)  First aired 1st October 2014